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Real Life Earth Angels

From time to time, we would like to recognize individuals from around the world, who may not receive all the publicity that they deserve when helping the helpless. If you know of anyone or a group with a good cause who may need a little free advertising space, please contact us.

Vietnam Animals Cruelty (VAC) supports pet rescue in Vietnam, a country where dogs and cats are not the best friends of humans and often used for consumption. Please visit Vincent Pascal's website and support him, even if it is only with words of encouragement.

Often, we neglect how important end-of-life care is with those who are dying. This includes not only our family, friends, and loved ones, but also other creations of God, seen as equal. Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary (KSAS) is an organization dedicated to providing end-of-life care and hospice for  unwanted dogs, horses and birds in a peaceful and serene sanctuary setting. Please visit their site for more information and in supports of these animals who are unable to support themselves.

Go Vap Orphanage is a Vietnamese government run facility which is home to mostly abandoned children, from newborns to young adults. The majority of the children are mentally or physically disabled and some are critically ill. Some of the children suffer from hydrocephalus, which is prevalent in many developing countries, related and exacerbated by poverty. Please take time to learn more about hydrocephalus and support these children by visiting Build Aid.

The Soi Dog Foundation based in Phuket, Thailand actively works against the trafficking of tens of thousands of dogs that are kidnapped from the streets and private homes of families. These dogs are then inhumanely packed and shipped alive to neighboring countries such as China, Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam, (a list of other countries can be found here). The ones that are still alive after this long tedious journey are then beaten and slaughtered for human consumption. Please learn more about this practice by visiting and help to stop this illegal dog trade.

Ang Duyan ni Maria Orphanage provides shelter, care, education, and values to abandoned, neglected children.

Ang Duyan ni Maria takes care of 54 kids, 11 infants and 11 house parents. Occasionally, they receive donations from different organizations. Duyan ni Maria started as a shelter for abused women and their children. Now, the foundation sends the children to school. It is located in Angeles, Pampanga. Please visit their Facebook page and contact them for ways to help

Living Lands & Waters is an organization crucial in helping river cleanup initiatives and other equally important environmental programs. Pollution in these waters disrupts the ecosystem and all living life is affected. Your donation to Living Lands & Waters is an investment in the future of our environment’s precious lands and watersheds. Please help at

Anja Ringgren Loven is an founder of an orphanage in Nigeria. Anja has sold everything she owned and moved to Nigeria, devoting the last three years of her life to helping thousands of abandoned children left to starve by their own villages. Please help Naja in her cause by supporting her at

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